Ey Ls Tape-Type False Lashes M40

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Ey Ls Tape-Type False Lashes M40

Ey Ls Tape-Type False Lashes M40


Ey Ls Tape-Type False Lashes M40


ETB Eyelashes are professional tape-type false lashes.
Due to their superior quality, ETB Eyelashes are very easy to apply and can be
reapplyed countless times. Eyelashes are very light, they do not feel when worn
(applied) ) and they can be stored in a perfect box for safe keeping and
hygienic for further use.


- accentuates the eyes and gives intensity to the gaze

- looks very natural

- due to the low weight, they almost do not feel

- curved and resistant

- can be reused

How to use it: Put false lashes at the base of
natural eyelashes. If the false lashes are too long, cut as much as needed from
the outer corner of the lashes. Apply glue along the entire length of false
eyelashes and wait 60 seconds. Apply lashes to the base of natural lashes and
press for a few seconds for a safe bonding. Eyelashes do not come with glue.